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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Open Trackbacks, Linkfest, and You

There seems to be glitch in the system that I have made David aware of so that he can try to figure it out. In the meantime, please use the frontpage of Linkfest to locate the posts you want to link to today. You can get the name of the blog, the title of the post, and then to the post for the trackback URL itself.

We thank you for your patience while we are working diligently to solve this problem. Thank you, and have a great weekend! ;)

Posts I've trackbacked to at Linkfest and other sites:
The Amboy Times: Nazi and Islamic Propaganda, third world county: RCOB-health tip, The World According To Carl: Retirement The CAVALRY Way, The Yankee Sailor: Weekend Open Post, Wolf Pangloss: Leap Day Weekend Open Post and Trackbacks, 123beta: Open Trackback Weekend, Adeline and Hazel: Please Give Nicky Hilton a Cheeseburger and Links, A NEWT ONE: The Anbar Awakening Tipping Point, Right Voices: That Virtual Fence Is A Virtual Bust!, Right Truth: Terrorism, American Medicine, and Death Threats, The World According To Carl: PhotoHunt 99: Party, and many thanks to: .
Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis Add this post to Technorati Add this post to Digg! Digg!
Posts that have trackbacked to this post:
1. The Uncooperative Blogger: Independent Conservative Talk Radio.
2. Blue Star Chronicles: Taliban Tells Newsweek They Knew Prince Harry was in Afghanistan All Along. (LIARS!)
3. Blue Star Chronicles: Michelle Obama to Poor Working Women: Don't Cry For Me.
4. Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker: 20 year Anniversary.
5. Right Truth: "Shari'a is already here. And you didn't even notice."
6. Blue Star Chronicles: The US Postal Service is Offering New Flat Rate Box for Military.
7. Woman Honor Thyself: IsraeL: Fight AlreadY Wouldya?

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