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Friday, April 25, 2008

'Go In Peace'

There are times our lives seem so overwhelming, yet all we have to do is to stop and reflect a while. Reflect on those taken so young, reflect on those scarred for life. Reflect on those who spoke not a word of complaint, but lived in the secret chamber of hell in their sleep.

I am referring to those brave men (and women) who have seen our country through war after war. This war, WWII, in particular. They call it a great war, and they also call it the 'Greatest Generation'. But why?

Because they knew then, as we know now, that freedom is not free. Because they stood up to the enemies of their time, and perserved. Just as we are doing and with hope, we shall perserve as well.

There is one, though, who was touched that he has written a song of thanksgiving for each of these men. He has found that they are dying at a rate of 2,000 per day. He is hoping that we may be able to reach all of them through our blogs with his song of gratitude. I would like to be a part of this effort.

First off, however, allow me to share with you how I came upon this music. I was going down my list of Wednesday Heroes, when I came upon Before You Go at Yankee Mom's site. She has quite a site over there!

On with article. She has a bit of the story captured in the way that is hers:
The elderly parking lot attendant wasn’t in a good mood! Neither was Sam Bierstock. It was around 1 a.m., and Bierstock, a Delray Beach, Fla. , eye doctor, business consultant, corporate speaker and musician, was bone tired after appearing at an event. He pulled up in his car, and the parking attendant began to speak. “I took two bullets for this country and look what I’m doing,” he said bitterly.

At first, Bierstock didn’t know what to say to the World War II veteran. But he rolled down his window and told the man, “Really, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you.” Then the old soldier began to cry.

“That really got to me,” Bierstock says.

Cut to today.

Bierstock, 58, and John Melnick, 54, of Pompano Beach - a member of Bierstock’s band, Dr. Sam and the Managed Care Band - have written a song inspired by that old soldier in the airport parking lot. The mournful “Before You Go” does more than salute those who fought in WWII. It encourages people to go out of their way to thank the aging warriors before they die.

“If we had lost that particular war, our whole way of life would have been shot,” says Bierstock, who plays harmonica. “The WW II soldiers are now dying at the rate of about 2,000 every day. I thought we needed to thank them.”

The song is striking a chord. Within four days of Bierstock placing it on the Web, the song and accompanying photo essay have bounced around nine countries, producing tears and heartfelt thanks from veterans, their sons and daughters and grandchildren.

“It made me cry,” wrote one veteran’s son. Another sent an e-mail saying that only after his father consumed several glasses of wine would he discuss ” the unspeakable horrors” he and other soldiers had witnessed in places such as Anzio, Iwo Jima, Bataan and Omaha Beach. “I can never thank them enough,” the son wrote. “Thank you for thinking about them.”

Bierstock and Melnick thought about shipping it off to a professional singer, maybe a Lee Greenwood type, but because time was running out for so many veterans, they decided it was best to release it quickly, for free, on the Web. They’ve sent the song to Sen. John McCain and others in Washington. Already they have been invited to perform it in Houston for a Veterans Day tribute - this after just a few days on the Web. They hope every veteran in America gets a chance to hear it.

GOD BLESS every EVERY veteran…and THANK you to those of you veterans who may receive this!

Just in case our VietNam Vets are feeling that old familiar 'unappreciated' feeling, there is also a song for you! Yes. We thank you as well. Welcome Home. ;)

You may find these songs at this link: "Before You Go." As of right now, these songs are free. All they are asking is that you would please take a look to see if you are interested in anything they in their store. It is the only way they have of continuing to make this free offer available to all Vets - then and now. God bless you all.

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Hat tip: Yankee Mom, and she's PROUD!

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