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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Texas Two-Step...The Wrong Way

There's been a dance of sorts going on in a town in Texas, and I do not like it. No, not one bit! A son got suspended from school for two days for answering a phone call from his father who is in Iraq risking his life. This may have been his last call ever. So why did they suspend him?

Zero Tolerance of cell phones in school. For those of you who agree that the rules are the rules, check this out. Master Sgt. Morris Hill personally spoke with the vice-principle to clear it with the school so that he could call his two sons, Joshua and Brandon, so he could call them. See, the only time he could call was during school. This is why he thought he had taken care of this situation.

The odd part is that the father had apparently made an arrangement in advance with the assistant principal to allow his sons to receive calls from him. "He had spoken with Mr. Fletcher," said Pat Hill, the boys' mother. "He thought there was an agreement understood that if he called either Joshua or Brandon at school, that everything was fine."

"If this would have been the last phone call from my husband, and he's in trouble for it and then has to deal with something happening to his dad that would be even harder," Mrs. Hill added. "These schools have to stop and realize, especially when you are in a military community, we support our soldiers, we support our troops. What about them when they are in Iraq trying to reach their family?"

Mrs. Hill is trying to get the suspension removed from her son's record, but the school says the matter is closed. Whether or not you support the United States' actions overseas, you've got to understand that the soldiers are doing their job and that they and their families are still people -- people who care very much about each other and have a need to stay in contact. It seems to me that the school could be more understanding on that point.

Folks, it is now in our hands. Here is the toll free number to call your Congressmen and Senators and express your concern. Remember to be polite but firm. This cannot be the law of the land when it comes to our Military families. It's just WRONG! That number is 1-866-340-9281.

Please spread this message. Write about it on your own site. I want this to reach as many people as possible. It should not matter whether you are for or a'gin the war. What should matter is this family and fairness. How can we trust our principles when they straight out lie to us? This could be YOUR child.

Thank you for reading this. Now please write about it, e-mail it, digg it, and make those phone calls. Those of you that pray, please put on your best prayer suits and pray that his record is cleaned and military families everywhere are treated better. Thank you, and God bless our Military Families!

Copperas Cove
High School
400 S. 25th Street
Copperas Cove, Tx, 76522
Phone: 254- 547-2534
Fax 254- 547-9870

This is where you can reach the school. Click here to send an e-mail message:

Carol Saxenian - Principal.
Jimmy Shuck - Associate Principal
Richard Fletcher - Assistant Principal
Genie Jhingoor - Assistant Principal
Cynthia Kostroun - Assistant Principal


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