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Monday, April 7, 2008

Vets For Freedom Go To Washington

Today is Monday, but I happen to know they reached DC yesterday. Pretty good time, eh? They sure did have many thrilling experiences along the way, starting with San Diego, CA. Here is what they have to say in an e-mail today:
Dear Vets for Freedom members: Vets For Freedom National Heroes TourFor the past three weeks, the National Heroes Tour took the message of the success in Iraq straight to the American people. From San Antonio to Saint Paul to South Carolina, we engaged crowds large and small, and spoke with over 200 media outlets, reaching over 20 million people through local television and radio.

With just 3% of news coverage in the mainstream media committed to Iraq, we bypassed national media all together, and it worked. Local media outlets were very receptive to "ground truth," and our veterans were able to provide it. Any way you slice it, the National Heroes Tour has been an overwhelming success.

Vets on the Hill - Sign up!But it's not over yet. Tomorrow we bring our message to Congress, when over 400 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans descend on Capitol Hill for "Vets on the Hill." Our guys will enjoy breakfast with the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Richard Myers, before heading to Capitol Hill for a bi-partisan press conference with two-dozen members of Congress, including Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsay Graham.

After the press conference, Vets for Freedom will flood the halls of Congress with a sea of warriors, armed with first-hand experience, facts about the incredible progress in Iraq, and a passion for nothing short of victory, Their stories are "taking points" that no one can refute—and members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, will hear from them.

Our message is simple: Let them win! and listen to General David Petraeus. He was right in September, and has the best pulse on events in Iraq. Congress would be wise to heed his advice.

Commence Movement to Contact,

Pete Hegseth
Executive Director
Vets for Freedom
I agree wholeheartedly! LET THEM WIN! You people in Congress (believe it or not, that's what they are and all that they are) had better listen to General Petraeus. If you were so intelligent, you would have his job. But you DON'T! There is a reason for that. WE WANT TO LIVE! He is the only thing standing between the enemy+congress and us. We will be on his side. If you don't believe us, we will remember how you treated him the next time it comes to vote on your behaviour. *hah*

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

Today I am having an open post trackback, and you are welcome to trackback or ping an article you wish to share with others. I like to use Linkfest for this, because there are many people with good posts already up over there. It is also a good way to share your articles. Give it a go, eh? The only rule I have is that there shall be no porn. Thanks, and have a great day.

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