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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Hero: Cpl. Ian M. Dollard

Today's Wednesday Hero is a brave yet humble man. His name is Cpl. Ian M. Dollard, rifleman, was caught in an ambush on June 24, 2007. He was checking a car when the enemy's automatic machine guns starting to fire. Here is part of the story from
3/21/2008 9:38 AM, Cpl Ray Lewis, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Cpl. Ian M. Dollard, rifleman, wears the Silver Star Medal he received on Lance Cpl. Torrey L. Gray Field at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center March 21. Dollard braved enemy bullets to rescue his platoon commander from an enemy ambush during his deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08. Dollard promptly returned fire with his weapon so his Marines could come to the aid of a Marine who was wounded in the attack. Then Dollard and his men started receiving automatic machine gun fire from a second position, which inflicted two gunshot wounds to his platoon commander.

Dollard wasn’t going to let the enemy get away with that. He said adrenaline and suppressive fire from his Marines helped him run to the sound of the enemy’s gunfire.

Without regard for his personal well-being, Dollard narrowly avoided enemy bullets to reach his commander. He then shielded his commander from danger, only to get struck himself, taking two rounds his upper torso body armor.

He was dazed but still insisted to provide first aid to his commander. Then he dragged the lieutenant 25 meters and continued to provide first aid. Seconds later, Dollard was struck in the leg by small arms fire. He refused medical care, then directed his fire team to tend to his commander’s wounds.

Even after a vehicle arrived to the Marines’ rescue, Dollard still refused medical attention until his wounded Marines were treated first. [Read more.]
Next we have some information that you may further read on this hero:
Hometown: Pleasant, CA
Awarded: Silver Star
External Links: Newslines The Corps Story.
U.S Marine Corps Website Story.
Download this hero's story: Right click and "Save Target As..." to download.
For all of these reasons and more, today we present to you Cpl. Ian M. Dollard, Hero. Thank you, and God bless your family and you!

Source: DefenseLink.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died
We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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