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Monday, May 26, 2008

Freedom is not Free

How does one say, 'Thank you' when there are no words that convey the depths of gratitude they feel? Is it enough to live up to the responsibility that comes with freedom? Is it enough to 'Remember'? Is it enough to say, 'Thank you'? I truly don't know, but let me try.

All of you who came before us and fought to keep our country free, including those who fought to give us a free country, Thank you for all you have sacrificed. I pray your families and you receive all the grace and mercy there is, and God sure does have a lot! I pray we live up to your example, and we make sure totalitarianism, communism and fascism never take hold in this country. Soldier or citizen, may we fight against it and beat it down for posterity.

For the men and women of the Revolutionary War, thank you so for a country that is blessed by God, protected by men and women who understand the concept that 'Freedom is not Free', and we must be diligent in every aspect of our lives to keep the freedoms you have so richly blessed upon us. Thank you for the beautiful songs, the honorable Flag, your sacrifices, and your bravery.

For the men who fought in the wars after that up until the first world war, thank you for the lands so sweet and the lands so hard. The good with the bad, that is how I see these conquests. I am Indian, so I don't like to lose. We did, you won. It is done. Thank you for coming to your senses by recognizing that without us, you may not have won the Revolutionary War! Also, thank you for the recognition that we had a pretty good government system all set up for you. Yes, I thank you and your families for your sacrifices, especially those of you who cared for my people and kept your word.

There were many wars in between the time of the Revolutionary War and the first world war, that is why I lumped them all together. The conquest of New Orleans, the war with Mexico, Wounded Knee, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the war we had with the Muslims down Africa way (Jefferson), the Trail of Tears (I forgive you), when England burned down our White House, and many more. I'm not too up on our history. That is probably something I can do for you. After all you've done for us, it's the least I can do.

The First World War was awful. The way it ended was an opening for the Second World War, but you cannot trust those French people! For all of you who fought in that war, thank you for keeping us free. Thank you to the families who sacrificed so much, and thank you to the families that never were because their Daddy's died before they could have these families.

The Second World War was one I wished we'd never see again, but we are seeing it today. As brutal as before, our enemies have no conscience, and they want to take over the world to have their caliphate. I thank you for conquering Hitler. I thank you that we are not speaking German. I thank you that you stopped the genocide of the Jewish people, the Christians, the homosexuals, the mentally ill, and all the people they were experimenting on while they were alive.

America seems to have lost her way. Now we kill babies, experiment on them, watch filth on TV, and there are so many murders everyday that it doesn't even phase most people. They have become paralyzed by the news. I pray that we could gather our strength and knowledge from God and you so we can have a chance at winning our current war. Were your ROE so strict? Did you have to wait until they shot at you before you could shoot the enemy? No, I didn't think so. Thank you for not waiting!

With all that is wrong in the world, there is just as much if not more that is right in this world. For this, I am so very grateful to you. Our men and women of today are outstanding, but you already know that. These are the best of the best, the bravest of the brave, and they are humble. God, I love them all so dearly. I pray for their safety and their lives. I pray for their families, too. I just wish the media would appreciate that without them, they would NOT have a job. This is the miracle country, and it is all thanks to God and you. For this I remain in debt to you forever, a debt I cannot pay but I can be a better person because you have showed me how.

Thank you, be at peace this Memorial Day (Weekend, yeah, they made it a weekend so they could go shopping instead of studying history), and know that most Americans love you and thank you. You are the doorstop between freedom and tyranny. What an awesome person to be! For those of you who have gone to Heaven, may you rest in peace. May your loved ones be cared for by this country and her people for which you gave your life (or age caught up with you, I hope).

See, it is so hard to say, "Thank you", because one could go on and on and on and never have come up with the correct words, if there are any 'correct' words. I will end by saying this. Thank you for the freedom you have given us which was not free. We shall remain ever alibavigilant in order to endow upon our heirs that which you have bestowed upon us which was so costly. God bless you. God bless you.

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Update: This is NOT a partisian article. When I wrote it, I was thinking only of our men and women who have served our country with honor and those who still are. There apparently have been some people who believe that McCain is not fit for the office of president because he comes from a long line of Naval Officers. So, let me see if I have this correct. People that go to Washington are claiming to do their duty by serving their district, but someone who has risked his life, spent 5 1/2 years as a POW did NOT serve our entire country? You people on the Left make me sick. Really.

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