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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Video: Vets4Freedom have a question of Obama

As many of you remember, the Vets For Freedom went to DC on April 8, 2008, to meet with our congressmen and senators on the same day that General Patraeus was scheduled to testify before congress. Most of the people we pay to be there showed up, including Barack Omama. Why do I single him out? It was his first time showing up to work, and he left to go campaigning right after he asked only one question!

He has never been to Iraq since he has been in the senate. He had not gone in past, either. If he becomes Commander-in-Chief, how is he going to make policies about a country he has never seen? He is supposedly a man of the world. Well, Sen. Obama, if you will meet with a country who is murdering our men and women in uniform trying their best to protect your backside, why can't you listen to our Generals and our Men on the ground?

Here is a video put out by Vets For Freedom PAC.

I would like these questions answered myself. After all, we the people deserve to know what your plans are for Iraq and for our troops that you will swear to support. Let me inform you of a fact which may have slipped your mind. When you take that oath of office, God forbid, it no longer remains just a 'hope' of yours to bring those troops home. You will have sworn an oath which requires much more of you. So much more that only then will you be able to comprehend what President Bush HAS DONE for ALL OF US, not just George Soros. Good day.

If you like this video, if you would like to help this Polical Action Committee (PAC) to campaign and support those people who truly support our troops AND their mission, if you want to have your voices heard, please donate to the Veterans For Freedom PAC today. They will support anyone who fits these qualifications. That means democrat or republican. (I will start capitalizing the party names once they earn it.) They support active duty troops and they get their messages out to the public in a way no one seems capable of doing. I have donated. Won't you, please? Thank you.

PS. Please use this digg. I have set it up so that it will go directly to their site. They will get the credit for this article, and I want it that way. Thank you.

PSS. They also support Veterans! :)

CORRECTION: He has been to Iraq before, but I do not know when. I do know it was not after he won his senate seat in 2006.

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