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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Historical History Lesson

I had started to write my Wednesday Hero, but I ran across this and was very pleased. (Plus I couldn't pull up the Hero site.) This story is so cool, they wrote about it twice. These three servicemembers surprised Cincinnati students by teaching their history lecture (instead of their normal teacher)! You remember those big ol' auditoriums turned lecture halls? Yeah.

The history professor had set this up for the second time, because he realizes there is a gap between civillians and the Military. He also knows that they will never be able to speak to the militaries of the Civil War, but they are able to speak to those who have fought for our freedom in the past 8 years.

They did an excellent job of helping the students whose only knowledge about our servicemembers were that they are knuckle-dragging, brain-dead, uneducated morons. Boy, did they get a surprise! Hehehe. They could match them and take them beyond anyplace they've ever been. Booyaah!

Both stories are written by John J. Kruzel for the American Forces Press Service. Between the teacher, History Professor Tom Lorman, and the servicemembers: Capt. Edward V. Szczepanik, USAF, Capt. John N. Sand, USMC, Chief Warrant Officer Daniel K. Winnie, USMC, the students received at least one decent day of education on this day. Please read their articles. The links are below.

Chief Warrant Officer Daniel K. Winnie, USMC.
Capt. John N. Sand, USMC.
Capt. Edward Szczepanik, USAF.

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Update: ConcreteBob over at the Talon has 'written' a very special tribute which deserves to be spread far and wide. (Hat tip: Tankerbabes.) A Tribute to SFC Matthew Blaskowski KIA 23 Sept 2007 - Afghanistan.
The above link is to a story and video about the bike that Terry and Cheryl Blaskowski had painted in tribute to their son Matt. The original plan was to have it painted a bit differently to give to Matt after this deployment. After Matt was killed by the Taliban, Terry and Cheryl decided to continue having the bike painted but with a different “theme.” [READ MORE]
Some people will never understand why they fight for our freedom or why it's even necessary, but there will always be those who greater than others who have a love and calling to protect that which they love. That includes this country, their families, and maybe even you. So when you see a Soldier, shake his/her hand and say, 'Thank you.' Then mind your own business if you have something mean to say.

I'm so tired of you pipsqueaks! Those who honor our Heroes, fallen or alive, carry on. My prayers go the family, friends, and loved one left behind. God, please strengthen them daily, walk with them, and grant them Your Peace. In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen.

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