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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Homerun Sarah Barracuda

I had to turn off all the TV's and radios to collect my thoughts. I loved Sarah's speech. It seemed more like a conversation than a speech. Were there any memorable statements? Drill Baby Drill! I loved her attack on the press about her not having any experience. She put them in their place by telling them, Obama and the world what actual responsibilities a Mayor has, in contrast to a 'community organizer'. LOL. One is held accountable by the people, the other does not. Can you guess which one?

I love her fiery spirit, and she is ladylike at the same time. I love her sense of humor. She took one sentence to tell the media to back off her family. She stated that she has a family very much like everyone else's. It looks perfect from the outside, but it is rather interesting on the inside. Other than (something like) that, that's all she said about her family. Besides the fact that she loves them very much. She means it.

That is what I like about her. I can believe her. She didn't try to wow me, she didn't try to smother me with false policy promises, she just spoke confidently and straight. They want to go to Washington to shake things up, and I believe they will be successful.

Listen to the speech if you missed it.
Hat tip: Political Animal.
Did you know that Joey's state has the same number of electoral college votes, and it can fit into Alaska 250X! And they call her state LITTLE? LOL. You go, Girl. Job well done.

Rudy was excellent, too! BTW, who was that woman that kept saying, "I know John McCain..."? That got old very quickly, and it was also annoying. Just so anyone on the staff can know, if you happen to read this. ;)

Update: Does anyone remember what happened when Newt Gingrich was being interviewed by a reporter? Here it is in a little more context.

Hat tip: PascoGOP. September 02, 2008, MSNBC reporter Ron Allen asks Newt Gingrich. Website: Stuck On Stupid.
To be fair, I think this young reporter had many people to interview and didn't have an answer for Newt. After all, could you name one thing?

When John McCain gives his speech tonight, I sure hope he discusses some philisophies that are important to the GOP. Also, I'd like to know what he has in mind for judges, illegal aliens, human trafficking, jihadis, Gitmo, etc. Man, I wish she was on the top of the ticket! ;)

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This is courtesy from Mark: C-SPAN's coverage of the 3rd night.

Thank you, Mark.

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May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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