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Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008

Where were you? Do you remember this day? Do you feel safer, or do you realize this is a dangerous world after all? Do you even care?

Here are some articles along with videos of that horrid day. There shall be no politics today.

Adam's Blog - Returning To September 11. (Video)
RightGirl - Immortal 9/11 Tribute. (Video)
Terry Trippany - Remembering the Victims of 9/11 - We Will Never Forget. (Many links)
MsUnderestimated - 7 Years Later, We Will Never Forget. Hat tip: Gribbit's World.
Tim from RajunCajun - Seven Years Ago: A Personal Reflection.
Big Dog - September 11th, 2001 Always Remember.
Act For America - Your War on Jihad.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

Today I am having a Linkfest party for all my friends - the ones I know and the ones I will come to know. If you have a post you would like to share, why not trackpost it here? All you have to do is add my Permalink somewhere in your article (usually at the bottom), then trackback to it. You don't have trackbacks available? Why not use Wizbang Stand Alone Trackback? Everyone have a nice day.

Friends I have trackbacked to through Linkfest and others: Pirate's Cove - Pirate Weekend Linkfest Sticky 9/12-9/14, Diary of the Mad Pigeon - Thursday Open Roost, The Pink Flamingo - Dirty Politics - Ruidoso News Style, NN&V - Hoping for Change Part 2, Woman Honor Thyself - The National September 11 Memorial & Museum….and..Me, Right Voices - Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive — Democrats’ double-digit lead on the “generic ballot” slips to 3 points, and The World According Carl - A Message To Barack ******* Obama From An Iraq War Veteran, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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