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Monday, October 20, 2008

Global War Continues In Silence

As everyone is busy worrying about the economy and the upcoming election, there has been another fatwa threatening Europe, journalists, tourists, and anyone else who dares enter the Arabian Peninsula who is not an Islamist. Haven't you heard this yet? And you probably never will.

At Counter Terrorism Blog, they remain busy trying to keep us alert and aware of the dangerous world in which we live. It is dangerous, and not one politician is referencing this to the population of the United States of America. Shameful as it is, the other side would call it fear-mongering. Well, let me tell you. It is worth being afraid! Especially when our politicians refuse to inform us.

Take for example this excerpt regarding the Danish cartoons and the publishers:
"[T]he Europeans have entered—as they have entered previously—into a Christian war with Islam and the Muslims. They have opened the doors of hell for themselves, and have opened wide the door to the killing and slaughter of their citizens… If they do not rid themselves of these cartoons, apologize for them, declare that they are no longer permitted, and punish those who insult the Prophet of the Muslims, may Allah bless him and grant him salvation, then they shall be a legitimate target. Furthermore, it will become the responsibility of every Muslim to slaughter them anywhere in the world, and to set upon them with heavy blows." [Continue reading.]
This was their second fatwa. The first came from an article written in their new official magazine named, 'Sada al-Malahim', and it is titled, 'Issue #1: Failed Yemeni Security Operation'. It was published in January of this year. The excerpt I used is titled, 'Issue #2: Danish Cartoon Controversy ("Illumination, by Abu Hurairah al Sanani"). It was published in March of this year.

The next item is titled, 'Issue #2: Threats to Those Entering the Arabian Peninsula ("Bearing No Responsibility")' is also rather disturbing. Do you remember when the journalists blamed our Troops for the deaths of their comrades? Well, they should read this next excerpt:
we disavow responsibility for any infidel who has entered the Arabian Peninsula, and his blood and money are open for the taking… Beware entering the Arabian Peninsula under any name or guise—be it as tourists, diplomats, scientific delegations, experts, or journalists. Otherwise, you shall be the primary target of the mujahideen. By Allah, the knife of Abu Musab [al-Zarqawi] is still dripping blood, and we are now holding it. [Continue reading.]
This was published in the March article also. All of these articles can be found at The NEFA Foundation. They find the articles, then they translate the Arabic into English. A very good resource to have.

It may be October now, but do you remember hearing anything about these threats or has the politics of destruction taken the place of true destruction? I do not remember these fatwas. That is why I am mentioning them now. I wonder, does the government have this data translated? How much data do they have that is not yet translated? This is from March! It is now October. Does it truly take that long to translate Arabic? If it does, we are in trouble no matter who is elected.

I find this troubling in another sense as well. Already we are seeing over 3000 mosques built in the USA with Saudi Arabian money. If I remember correctly, there were 15 of 19 Saudis that hit us on September 11, 2001. That is a very real concern. If someone would like to say this is profiling, good! It is. I would not look for an English or a Danish person from the MIDDLE EAST. Good Lord. Have people lost their minds or just their will to live?

These fatwas are still current. One thing we have learned from experience is that they never quit. It is a shame to see so many Americans quiting due to weariness of a war they never were involved in psychologically (or any other way except to protest it). Maybe this is the problem? Maybe they should all be involved. If they refuse to wear the uniform, they should contribute their time doing something necessary to fulfill the obligations of the Military. We could use the help.

In WWI and WWII, people went to the factories to help build the equipment we needed. Now we outsource even that. This is unacceptable! I say we tell the Sierra Club to go fishing! They are out of business. How can the whole world be at war and only the enemy knows this? UNACCEPTABLE.

Sorry, but I just feel so helpless. Writing about it, talking about it, shouting about it, calling about it. It is getting me nowhere, or so it feels. What can I do? First, I can vote for John McCain. Second, I can make my ideas known. As little access as I have, I can still try. It is better than not trying at all. Third, I can arm myself for when the war finally breaks out on our shores, and it will. Fourth, I can become involved in the political process.

Starting November 5, I'm thinking about running for Congress. My brother does not support me in this idea, because he does not think I can physically handle it. If I have to do this on my own, he's probably right. I don't think I will be alone though. How about the rest of you? Do you want to run for Congress? Should we all run for Congress? We're better than the bums they have in there now! Think about it. Please. Good day.

Source(s): Counter Terrorism Blog and The NEFA Foundation.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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