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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pro-Troops Tube!

A friend of mine e-mailed this to me and it must be shared! Some of you may recognize the name of the person who wrote this e-mail. That is because he is our webmaster! He has now taken on yet another project, and it's about time someone did. It is absolutely fantastic! Read this, check it out, then spread the love for our troops around all over this world. ;)

Dear Friends and Pro Troop Supporters,

Have you ever visited YouTube and noticed there is no specific category for “Military?”

Have you also noticed that while there are tens of thousands of military videos, you have to wade through group and video titles such as “Gays in the Military,” “Military Fairy,” “Gangs in the Military,” or “Military Air Drop Bloopers?”

Finally, have you noticed that some excellent military videos seem to disappear because they offended someone’s politically correct sensibilities?

Well now there is a new place for patriotic Americans, who support our troops, to post and categorize all of their videos to share with their pro troop friends. It is now available for loading your favorite military videos

*** Please forward this email to all of your pro-troop family and friends ***

Pro Troops Tube
Where Military is Always the Top Category!
or (the un-youtube)
The Pro Troops Tube video sharing site operates similarly to YouTube, but is better because:
  • It’s all about the troops.
  • It has dozens of military categories, and we will add more when and as requested.
  • If you have the videos on your PC, the uploading process is as simple as YouTube.
  • If you don’t have the videos, you can add your favorites from YouTube, Google, and other video sharing sites by simply copying and pasting their embed code when you select the “Add a video from an external website” method on the add videos page.
  • Best of all it is free for all to post. All it requires is a simple registration and your valid email address.
There are plans for future advertising opportunities at Pro Troops Tube. However, at this time, Pro Troops Tube is offering free links for any posting more than 25 videos, free column banners (150 X 75) for those posting 50 or more videos, and full size (468 X 60) to the top three posters each month. Those qualifying for the column and/or full banner ads will need to supply their own banner art work which must be the exact prescribed sizes. Pro Troops Tube will accept jpg and gif banner image formats.

Copy and paste the sidebar banner image code to add to your pro troop BLOG or website. Send us a link to your web page where it is displayed and we will add our site to our sponsors page.

*** Please add our banner to your site and send this email to all of your pro-troop family and friends ***

Also visit our PX powered by Amazon with all of the pertinent Military Categories to make your search for Military related books, dvds, guns, sports, and self-defense products easier to find. There will be additional military, veteran, patriotic and appropriately themed sponsors coming soon.

Lastly, while I am personally affiliated with a number pro troop groups and efforts, Pro Troops Tube is a private enterprise. It is free to view and post for all of our pro troop community; however the computer memory, CPU, storage and bandwidth resources required to operate a video share system are considerable. In that light, we hope you will occasionally consider patronizing our sponsor sites which will help to defray our costs. All attempts will be made to keep our advertisers and sponsors relevant to our pro troop, military and veteran audience.

Share the fun, share the videos, support the troops, let’s show YouTube how it’s done.

*** Please register and start adding videos today, add our banner to your site and send this email to all of your pro-troop family and friends ***

Please drop a line by reply or leave a comment at the Site Comments page to let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks.

With highest regards for all of my fellow patriots,

Mike Connelly - USAF 1970-1974
Eagles UP - Chairman/WebMaster
Partnership for the Troops with GoE
Pro-Troop Events - Webmaster
Veteran-American Voices - Web Master/Contributor
Old War Dogs - Contributor
Talon - WebMaster
Operation Street Corner - Webmaster
Pro-Troops Tube - Webmaster

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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