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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Have An Idea

When I started Rosemary's Thoughts, it was with the whole intention of moving Causes of Interest, DoD Daily News, DoD Daily News-2, Knickerbocker News, Love America First, Love America First-2, My Newz 'n Ideas, and a few more blogs over to this one collection of all my writings. As it stands, I have barely scraped the surface.

The solution? My idea! I am going to be taking a one month hiatus to finish moving 7000+ posts over to Rosemary's Thoughts. Some of you know that I also have a blog on wordpress, Rosemary's News and Ideas. Well. I also write for Talon, the official blog for Eagles UP! and (but not that often. I keep forgetting), The Conservative Underground and Smart Girl Politics. I moved again...why? lol.

I do not like the fact that all everyone is talking about is negativity. The porkulus bailout bill, the auto bailout bill, the federal reserve banks and wall street bailout (it's not even a bill!), etc. If I have to listen to them say the problem is the free market, SHOW ME WHERE YOU SEE THE FREE MARKET. I shall scream.

If government had not interfered in the first place (forcing banks to give loans to people who could not afford them, refusing to sign the Columbian Free Trade agreement, printing money as we had it to cover what they were printing - get rid of the Fed!, etc.), we would have had a normal business cycle. The Housing Committee, Sec. Paulsen and all the others (including the new Treasury Secretary who helped write the last bailout bill before he was secretary and refused to pay his taxes), YOU ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ECONOMIC DOWNTURN. Why should we trust you to fix it?

Why is there no discussion about the 17,000 Marines headed out to Afghanistan that the president let know about it by a press release without any planning, expectations, nothing! His precious little signing of the 'historic' (I'll scream if I hear that one more time. He's just a politician who doesn't give a crap about our men and women in uniform. Otherwise, he would have given a speech. Sorry, but it will be very difficult to change my mind about this, however I am open to anyone who thinks they can try) signing of a bill. Do you realize how many bills have been signed before him? TOO MANY! LOL.

I want to know what his plans are for our Military. We have a right to know, and he's not being forthcoming. This is not transparency.

Therefore I am going to wait for this too to pass. In the meantime, I am going to have open trackbacks. I like to use Linkfest, and I would like you to use them, too. It is a place where conservative like us can send our post and our trackback id, then others may read our work. They also include our posts in their posts so that we may get greater readership. Give it a try. Thanks everyone. I'll be back. ;)

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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