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Monday, April 20, 2009

My Tea Party's Up. Yours?

I beseech all of you who held or participated in a Tea Party on April 15 or any day before or after, do not quit now. They tried to make fun of us, they did not succeed. They tried to condemn us. They did not succeed at that either. They tried to paint us as terrorists (but we can't call the jihadis terrorists?), and they failed. We stood up against them, and we succeeded. Now it is time for us make sure they actually listen.

If they won't listen to our demands to stop spending our money in such an irresponsible manner, they must all be voted out of office. How can we do this? Information. How many people understand that the federal debt is $11,221,539,981,704 (at 10pm PCT, 4/20/09) and is growing by the second? This is unsustainable and unacceptable.

This is not partisan, like some would have you believe. Do you remember they took over the Senate by lying to the people and telling them that they would bring DOWN the debt? Hmm. Seems people forgot that promise. Do you remember the other party telling us they were Conservatives and believers in the free market? LIARS. So it is not partisan. We want them all out.

If you have been in office since 2006 and voted for these financial debacles (starting with forcing banks to loan to people who couldn't afford a home against the threat of a law suit for discrimination), you should start looking for a new job. I don't care which party you belong to, YOU DO NOT OWN US.

Okay, we have to start our grassroots meetings now. We could do this by IM, phone, in person, etc. Which is most convinient for you. When we go to these parties, get names, numbers, ideas. Meet once a week. Find out who would make a good candidate. Find some large contributors. We must get to work. We can do this. Ask Obama. YES WE CAN...PUT A STOP TO YOUR SPENDING!

By the way, President Obama, why are you apologizing to all these countries who screwed us at one time or another? Pardon me, but I'm not sorry! Keep it to yourself. You represent the United States of America, not yourself, Mr. President. Please do us all a favor and remember that small detail before you owe us all an apology!

Okay, now that this is out of my system for now, on to better things. Why am I doing this? Because I love my country, and I don't want to see her go down. We have brave men and women overseas sacrificing so much to give the same freedoms that we're fighting for, and I don't want them to come home a country they do not recognize. I also do not want them to come home to an ungrateful country. Not on my watch. Not on my dime. Never again.

I registered my TEA Party today over at America Family Association (CA) and will be registering at all the other sites. This Tea Party will be held at the same place (so far), at Bixby Park, 1st and Cherry Ave, Long Beach, California.

I learned one very good lesson (actually more, but let's stick with this one). The sooner you alert people to the fact that there is going to be some place to go to, they will come. I may have had only 45+ people, but these people were the cream of the crop. It was a very good time indeed.

You can go and meet people who going through something similar to you, you can meet someone who strikes you as a possible candidate, or you can go just to have a very good time. My brother was very impressed. He thought it was going to be like the so many other gatherings he has had to attend for work.

These people were nothing like those others. These people actually care the earth, and they made sure there was no litter. There was no abrupt noise, fighting, rudeness, or any of the other things you usually get from self-centered people. These people really care about America, and we know you do, too. Please think about having your own Tea Party. If you cannot, please attend one on the 4th of July. This shall be our way of letting Congress, the president, and our own state legislatures know that their time to talk is over. It is our time to speak, and it is their time to listen.

We don't need to be obnoxious, loud, rude, the Left, to get our message out. We do need to show up, however. I am looking forward to this Independence Day. I want these critters to know that they work for us, not themselves. Yes, they will listen. Eventually...

You can also use that link to American Families Association to register, and you should register also at, Smart Girl Politics (men included) and find your state, and The Conservative Underground and find your state. When you find your states, join the groups please. Try it. You might like it! ;)

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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