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Monday, December 28, 2009

Iranian Revolution For Liberty

Before we become engrossed in the facts of today, I would like to ask you to join me in prayer not only for their success, but also for their safety from the basijis and IRGC. May they all turn their arms against the government and join the revolution.

Today the fight continues. Most countries have stepped forward and condemned the violent repression by the Iranian government. There are many photos, videos, and articles about this atrocity. I shall provide a list of articles written by others at the end of this post. I will also be updating, so remember to come back.

The Iranian TV and newspapers (that is, the ones that are still open) are reporting that 8 people were killed yesterday (I heard it was 10 civilians and 5 basijis) and 300 plus were arrested. Ali Habibi Mousavi, nephew of Mousavi who lost the election this year (we'll never know), was also killed by these creeps. He was shot after being run over and then shot in chest. It was no accident.

There are reports that his (Mousavi's) nephew's body is missing. Let me just add one note of importance here. I do not like Mousavi. He is the same as Ahmadinejad. If he was not, he would not have been allowed to run for office. Just so we are clear on this issue. I support the Iranian Green Movement, not the elitist government officials.

One of the interesting items I read about was Coup in Iran?. If this is true, we may be a witness to the history of the collapse of the Iranian tyrannical regime! I just pray that they do not turn out to be oppressors.

I read something about the December 22nd. Many people and relatives freed two men who were to be hanged, and they were shot dead. The creeps caught the two men which made the crowd even angrier. Eventually, the two men were hanged.

AtlasShrugs has this to offer:

Pandemonium as clashes continue in Tehran for 2nd day as protesters defy Islamic Government (more) Eyewitness reports and opposition websites say Security forces fired on the crowds in several places, wounding many, killing at least four that we know of. [Read more.]
Many pictures are included.

Winston was also watching closely as the riots broke out. They didn't have to turn into riots, but the thuggish government just has to start firing at innocent people (my assessment). I think he may have taken his leave. He does need to sleep, and he liveblogged all day and night.

From reading the tweets at #iranelection, it appears that there is much fighting going on between the freedom fighters and the anti-riot goons. It seems to be an uprising all over Iran, but we must wait and see.

One thing I know for sure, they want to accomplish this victory by themselves. Do they want our support? Of course they do! They want everyone who is a freedom-loving person who loves peace's support. I shall return in a while, but I must go for a while. Have a nice day, and don't forget to pray for the safety of the freedom fighters and the demise of all tyrants.

Update: Here is a cartoon found through twitter's #iranelection. He hopes one day the Iranian people will actually see this!

Update II: This is an article I read last night (or was that this morning?), and it is very good. It covers news, photos, and videos. Please be careful though, some of these videos are graphic. Are you brave enough to watch what is really happening in actual life in this world, or are you too cozy? Hmm.

Update III: Here is some more live blogging from EnduringAmerica.
Daftar-Tahkim-Vahdat, the main reformist Student Alumni Organisation, also issued a statement:
What a regret that a government that considers itself to be risen from religious teachings and a national revolution, on the noon of Ashura opens fire on innocents and does what even the most notorious rulers of this country throughout the history [e.g. the Shah deposed in 1979] had not dared to do.
2055 GMT: Taking Sides? We’ve posted the video of President Obama’s statement (see 2020 GMT) and it’s even harder-hitting than we thought:”History will be on the side of those who seek justice. [Read more.]
If you want to see what has happened so far today, this is a good source.

This next articles asks if this is the beginning an Iranian-style anti-fada.
The opposition has proven it has the resolve and resilience to sustain its risky challenge, despite the regime’s ruthless use of force, mass arrests, show trials and reports of torture and rape in prison. In the escalating political showdown the opposition has the momentum.

Just as important, the emergence of people power is also setting a new precedent in the last bloc of countries ruled by authoritarian regimes. Thirty years ago, Iran’s revolution redefined politics throughout the Middle East by ending dynastic rule and introducing Islam as a modern political idiom. Iran’s uprising is doing it again — this time by taking to the streets to demand an end to dictatorship as well as calling for fundamental rights such as free speech, a free press and respect for the individual vote. [Read more.]
The London Times Online seems to think the opposition people have many different reasons that don't necessarily mix. I disagree to a certain point, but that is their right. I won't chop their head off over it. /sarc

Update IV: I have just learned that the total murdered on Sunday was around 37. (I am following #iranelection at Twitter.)

@SandyCeline: RT @Alyssa_Milano #IranElection will be remembered as the YouTube revolution (via @mparent77772)
half a minute ago from TweetDeck

@lysssandros: Ashura Death Toll Rises: IRNA says 37 killed on Sunday/Ashura country wide #iranelection #politics #humanrights #cnn
half a minute ago from web

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May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!


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