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Friday, August 31, 2007

Craig to announce resignation tomorrow, told aides (OTB)

Larry Craig is going to announce his resignation from the US Senate on Saturday, September 1, 2007, but he remains sturdy about his innocence. He will stay in the Senate until September 30, 2007. There will be a special election held in Idaho for his Republican seat. As it stands, the Republican governor will fill the seat with someone of his choosing. (I'm pretty sure.)

After I listened to the taped 'confession' given by the senator, I was almost convinced he was telling the truth. Almost, however, is not a word that works well in the Republican Party when you screw up this badly. See ya!

This is going to be an Open Trackback Weekend for all those lonely souls who have no place to go this Labor Day Weekend. I always thought, however, that LABOR day was a day when EVERYONE WORKED. Who knew? lol.

I shall be here. Ho hum. Don't worry, though. I like it wherever I am as long as I have my computer. ;)

Ah, as I was choosing the posts to backtrack to, I ran across MacBro's Place. Apparently they do not like the kind of OTB's where that's all it is. I AGREE! HooYah! They are the most boring things I've come upon. So why is my post short? I plead NOT GUILTY! I have been posting my little fingers to the bone, and if you don't believe me? Just check out my home page. ;)

PS. Thanks, Mac. I did feel like there was something missing. Some jazz!

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