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Monday, November 26, 2007

Simplified Mitt

Gregg Jackson has written another wonderful article about some of the facts about Mitt Romney, candidate for president of the United States, in a very thoughtful and well researched manner. I shall attempt to simplify each of the 8 points into a single sentence. It is still better if you would go read the article in whole, since he lived in Taxachusetts and I did not.

Romney: Secrets The Media Are Hiding From You.

1. Mitt Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts on a pro-homosexual, pro-gun control and a pro-abortion agenda.

2. Is he that liberal? He resided over the Big Dig which killed several people, yet he left it under democrat control, and he imposed a mandatory health care disaster only Hillary could love.

3. What about pro-life? His health care plan covers abortions, and his record strongly supports his political leanings to pro-abortionists.

*4. Well, family values are better? He not only signed into law the homosexual marriage law, but he went as far as to fire anyone whose religious beliefs contradicted with his 'family values' in the clerks office.

**5. Okay. Maybe he's a fiscal conservative? Health care premiums have doubled, and Taxachusetts now pays 75% of their income in taxes.

6. What about judges? He passed over 27 of 36 conservative and/or GOP judges to place Democrats, independents and two homosexuals on the bench.

7. But can we trust him? In a Pew Center Poll, only 12% of the people thought of Mitt Romney as being honest. Just ask Teddy Kennedy why.

8. I will allow myself one quote from the article: 'If pragmatic means "what works," then what is it about Mitt that works? When most Americans wouldn't vote for Mitt in spite of all the money he's thrown out and all the media glorification, doesn't that seem to be the opposite of pragmatism? Contrary to conservative talk radio common wisdom, Mitt is the un-pragmatic choice. If Mitt does to America what he did to the "Birthplace of American Democracy," America will be in a nose-dive by 2012.'

And we have run the gammit. Do you want to take a chance with someone who reminds me so much of Bill Clinton that it's eerie? If not, you can help Duncan Hunter to rise to the top. It isn't too late. All he needs is enough face time as they gave this loser.

I'll be honest with you. I do not like him. NO. It is not because of his religion, so shut up about that. He cannot use that to hide behind every time someone tries to show you the facts about his record. My God. We USE TO debate about issues. Do we need to walk on eggshells now because he chose to be a Mormon? I think not! What does everyone expect? Is it now just a beauty contest in these dangerous times we live?

UPDATE: See what happens when you try to trim important news articles? I got it wrong.

*"4. Romney never "signed" any same sex marriage bill. There is no law. That is the point. He ordered justices of the peace and town clerks to perform same sex marriage ceremonies or be fired, and also authorized changing the certificates from husband and wife to "partner A" and 'partner B." He actually broke the law by doing this since the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling in Goodridge was only an opinion that it was "unconstitutional to ban same sex marriage." But since court decisions are just opinions and not LAW, Romney illegally ordered that same sex marriage ceremonies be performed."

**"5. I never said in my article that Mass. citizens pay 75% taxes. I only wrote that they will - in the future - as his socialist Health Care plan raises costs."

It's good to have him help me when I make a mistake or a misquote. I do not want anyone to think I never make mistakes. I do. I rely on all of you to help me to correct them as soon as possible! That is why I have always suggested you go directly to the source.

Gregg has also offered a very good site of someone who has covered this in depth. His site is BizzyBlog, and he is our (well, mine anyway!) economic advisor. (By reading his blog.)

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