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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Muslim blogger fights back for Ezra Levant: UPDATE***

There is a new Canadian blogger which just happens to be a Muslim who understands how precious liberty and freedom of speech are to a free society. Bravo!

The name of the site is Muslims Against Sharia. I really like this one post: Canada: Freedom of Speech succumbing to Kangaroo Courts of the Human Rights Commission. (Actually, every post is quite informative, well written, and good.) This is a must listen to recording of the Human Rights Commission in Canada against Ezra Levant. It will blow your mind.

Bravo, Ezra! BTW, would you like to know his crime? He published cartoons of Mohammed in the magazine where he works. His accuser? A Saudi radical idiot.

I will be adding this blog to my sidebar, because I believe this group deserves all the support we can give them. We want them to speak up, so when they do, we must speak up with them. We want them to be successful in their plight to make their voices heard. Thank you, everyone. Have a nice day.

UPDATE: Here is a list of Canadians who have been or are in the process of being silenced: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Fouad al-Farhan, Joe Kaufman, Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, and you. You do not know if you are next, now do you? Hmm...You will find this post here: Islamofascist-Dhimmi Axis Assault on Free Speech: Latest Casualties at Muslims Against Sharia.

BTW, there is a free petition to help Mark Steyn fight back against these jihadi nuts. Please sign it. It is on top of the page, right underneath the title to this site. Thank you.

UPDATE II: It is with a heavy heart that I must report to you that we may have been deceived. I can understand being upset with someone for what they wrote, but if you are truly in support of free speech, you should at least be polite about your disagreement. I'm afraid that is not the case with Muslims Against Sharia. I am very disappointed and saddened and angry. What we need is someone in the Muslim community to stand up so that others may follow suit, but no. How can they when others try to take advantage of the goodwill of people? They deceive people that do not know them so they can intimidate people who do know them. Well, I do not like this. Not one bit.

What happened to make me change my mind? You should read the vulgarity used while leaving comments on other peoples' sites! It is terrible! My friend, StageLeft (Meet Ezra’s New Non-Muslim “Muslim” Friends! and Quotes from the Scholars at “Muslims Against Sharia”) has gathered quite a few of them for you to read. Please be forewarned, they are vulgar. I could not believe my eyes. I guess mohammed does not care what type of language is used while trying to get your message out. I know for a fact that JESUS DOES CARE.

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