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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rite-Aid fires Gold Star Mom after 7 dutiful years

The following is an article written by Beth over at Blue Star Chronicles. She has given permission to repost it, just be honorable and give her the credit. (I added that last part.) I believe this is important, more important than the lies the NYTimes is spewing out about the murder sprees the entire military is supposedly going on once they come home from war. Oh, you mean it isn't every military man? Ten percent? One percent? NOT EVEN THAT? Why is it even a story then? Anyway, this is still much more important. Please pass it on.
    MySpace tribute to Cpl. Mason.

    After seven years of employment with Rite Aid corporation, this woman was forced to quit her job as opposed to being offered any kind of compassionate leave in order to deal with the death of her son. To say it is a heartless policy is an understatement. To compare the death of her son to ’someone’s house burning down’ is beyond the pale.

    When she returned to her job, she lost her sever years seniority and was treated with something akin to contempt. Here’s the story from the Patriot Guard forum.
    Rite Aid Corporation policy concerning Fallen Soldier Cpl Christopher E. Mason - “is no different than someone’s house burning down” (January 8, 2008)

    Cpl Chris Mason’s mother [was] told Rite Aid’s policy concerning the lost of her son “is no different than someone’s house burning down” by Rite Aid Regional Human Resources Manager, while our oldest son still serving in Iraq. The mother of Cpl Chris Mason (Pictured above placing her hand upon a photo of our son). Cpl Christopher E. Mason, pictured above, killed in an Al Qaeda ambush 28 Nov 2006 while moving into position to support his fellow Paratroopers. Freedom Is Not Free My wife and I stand at our son’s grave site 02-20-2007.

    He put her on the defense, forcing her to defend her position, it became a game for him. She tells me she is not sure of everything that he said because after the following statement she was so stressed she locked him out, but she cannot get this part out of her head, it wakes her up at night.

    After the Human resources Manager snickered at her this is what Chris’s mother said to him: Chris’s mom: “Sir you are talking to the mother of a Fallen Soldier; my son was killed in the War on Terrorism”

    Human Resources Manager replied: Rite Aid’s policy is “That’s no different then someone’s house burning down".

    Chris’s mom quit her job at Rite Aid (Jan 10 2008) and is once again having a tough time with Chris’ death, and she is not sleeping at night….. the Human resources Manager still has his position within Rite Aid.

    The CEO, Mary Sammons, was contacted by phone (Jan 11 2008) and email (Jan 8 2008) concerning Rite Aid’s policy, but she gave no response. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I ask that you share it with others so they will know the policy of some companies in this country are the same as they were back during the Vietnam war, yes how some people consider the lost of our Warriors in combat “no different than someone’s house burning down” is beyond my understanding. “Strength and Honor” Cpl. Chris Mason’s dad.

    Before you say that the Mason family is trying to capitalize on the death of their son - they are asking for nothing for themselves. Read what they are asking for.

    What the Mason family wants …

    Here are the demands that I have placed on Rite Aid, you may repost if you desire to do so:
    1. Regional Human Resources Manager that made the comment about our Fallen Warriors issue written apologies to Chris’s mom, myself (Chris’s dad), Chris (brother still serving in Iraq as a Chaplain), and to all the Fallen warriors and their families. Afterwards he is to be removed from his management position within Rite Aid.

    2. Rite Aid makes a major monetary donation, in the name of our Fallen Warriors and their families, to a foundation such as “The Wounded warrior Foundation.”

    3. Rite Aid places an apology in a national newspaper apologizing to all the families of Fallen Warriors that have paid for our freedom.

    “Strength and Honor” Cpl Chris Mason’ dad - Garland Mason
    If you would like to let the powers that be at Rite Aid know what you think of their policy and lack of compassion then I would encourage you to do so. You can contact their Board of Directors via

    Hat tip: Bear Creek Ledger.
Please keep up with this article. Go over to Beth's, or go over to Bear Creek Ledger. There is bound to be follow up on this subject. Imagine that in this day and age, we have so many cowards and traitors. How and why did we survive this long? Oh yes, because we have the greatest men and women in the world! Thank You, God.

UPDATE: Rite Aid has taken appopriate actions, thanks to the outrage of each community, and they have settled on a donation to Wounded Warriors in the amount of $10,000, they have disciplined the manager who handled this whole affair obnoxiatiously, but then they went on, like a Saudi, and tried to rationalize his actions by saying he also had a son in Afghanistan and was having a difficult time dealing with this issue himself. Unacceptable, but the family is not making an issue of it, so I won't either. Here is more from Beth over at Blue Star Chronicles:
Digital Billboard placed in view of Rite Aid store, hooah!

Lamar Sign Company has posted a digital billboard out in front of the Rite Aid where Chris’ mother was working; here are the images that are being displaced at no charge to us… Thank you Lamar Sign Company, maybe you guys can teach Rite Aid what true concern for Fallen Warriors is all about, you are all true Patriots:
Rite Aid has contacted us, they say they plan to respond soon…

I am asking everyone on MySpace… and if possible on all the other networking communities, to light a candle in support of our Fallen Soldiers, and their families.

By lighting a candle and placing it as your profile photo you are letting the Warriors of Freedom who stand on the Battlefield, so we may sleep without fear of terrorism, know that if they fall their families will not stand alone.

We should all stand up and show Corporate America we stand for something that’s greater than ourselves, as Chris believed the flag of this great nation does. (ref: Chris’s MySpace page).

MySpace let us all show the world we stand with our men and women who pay in blood for our freedom.

If you do not have one or need one quickly you are welcome to use Chris’ candle. But but please place a candle of some type as your profile photo as soon as possible. Any candle will do. I am asking everyone to burn the candle until this issue with Rite Aid concerning the statement that compared losing a son or daughter in The War on Terrorism “is no different than someone’s house burning down”….. is resolved. And with all the pressue you folks are putting on them you can bet it will be soon.

“Strength and Honor”
Cpl Chris Mason’s dad - Garland Mason (USMC / US Paratrooper retired)
Hat tip: Bear Creek Ledger, Beth, Matt at Lone Star Times and Blondie Pad. Digg! Digg!

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