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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So, you're too good to go to Church?

Many people fall into the trap of, "I cannot go to that Church. There are too many hypocrites in there!" Yes, even I have been there and done that. Ya know what I found out? There was just one less hypocrite in the Church!

I know it is frustrating when we see people sin right out there in the open, but how many of us are sinning on the inside while we sit in judgement of those who sin in our sight? Do we approach them with love and the intention to edify and help them? Do we offer to talk with them about their sin to find out if they are even aware of it? Do we offer any guidance? Do we offer them a way back into the good graces of God? No? Then we have sinned and become the hypocrite.

By the way, why are we looking at others? Are we not there to worship our Creator? Are we not there to learn about our Creator? I suggest that before we decide who is 'worthy' or not of God's grace [which is a decision I do believe God can handle very well, thank you], we look in the mirror. Are we right with God? If we were perfect, Jesus would not have had to die on the Cross for our sins!

If you are that good, then you are sinning by not giving of yourself to those of us who could learn from you. So you see for all Christians, we should go to Church. For those of us who physically cannot find a way to get to Church, there are a couple good TV Churches. Dr. D. James Kennedy (may he rest in peace) has a very good service. They are using tapes of his messages which are still pertinent today. Also, Dr. Stanley is a fine Paster. These are the only two I would watch, though. I am housebound, so I watch Dr. Kennedy every Sunday.

Let us step back for a moment and remember why we go to Church in the first place. Fellowship is also a huge part of it. We are in the world all the time, we need to be around like-minded people to get centered again. This is how we remain accountable to one another. One day you may be going through some awful experience in your life, and who will know unless you have a bond within your Church? I'm talking about someone who can help you spiritually. They can pick up on your need more effectively than someone who does not know you in the same way.

Maybe you could edify someone else just by your presence! Maybe it is your turn to help, or maybe it is your turn to be in need of help. Either way, would you care to take a chance on NOT being available because someone sinned against you or just was a hypocrite? HOW DARE YOU! Have you not heard the song, "Humble thyself in the sight of the LORD, and He will lift you up, higher and higher, and He will lift you up."? Please allow Him to heal you using His children. None of us are perfect, and we are going to make mistakes. But do not forsake Him. He will never forsake you. God bless you, and I pray you read this. No names mentioned.

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Have a blessed day.

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