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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pro-America protest at Berkeley City Council 2.12.08

Move America Forward is assembling a massive group of people who love our country, our troops, our freedom, and our constitution. If Berkeley City Council believes they can abuse our Marines without a response from those of us who support them, well, they have another thought coming!

Here is the information:
Move America Forward is calling on patriotic Americans from near and far to come to Berkeley , California and join us for a protest of the Berkeley City Council - in response to their recent efforts to silence the Marines and chase all vestiges of the military out of their city. Remember, the City Council called the Marines, "unwelcome intruders" and accused them of commiting acts of "barbarity."

Well now the rest of America will be heard from this Tuesday, February 12th when we organize a giant pro-America rally to protest the Berkeley City Council when they gather for their City Council meeting.

The City Council meeting takes place at 7:00 PM at 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Berkeley, CA.

Move America Forward is asking people to show up by 5:00 PM if possible - so we have a crowd gathered in time for the media crews, and so we can secure seats for supporters inside the City Council Chambers.

(Note: Since the media will be covering this story all day, we'll have Move America Forward staffers outside the City Council chambers beginning at 5:00 AM. We'd sure like it if some of you could either join us for brief periods of time throughout the day, or join us for our all day pro-troop vigil!)

Again - the pro-troop/anti-Berkeley City Council rally takes place on Tuesday, February 12th, outside of their City Council Chambers. We're asking people to join us by 5:00 PM if possible. The address: 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way , Berkeley, CA. You can get a map of the location - HERE.

Bring your American flag with you
You can keep up to date on the happenings at the same link for Move America Forward. You may also look at some of the pictures that were taken over the holidays. They are great. Keep up the great work, and patriots--let's show up. It's our turn to do for them what they've been doing for us for many years, decades, and centuries. We owe them this respect. They have earned our love and admiration and respect. Okay everyone, move out!

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