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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Racist gun bans

Starting almost at the beginning our country's history, there has been an effort to disarm the black man and his family. It paid no mind to whether they were free or slave men. This is one of the most onerous secrets that pervades society 'til today, to the point where blacks believe in gun-control. Study your history, men!

Of course the one case cited most frequently, though you would never know it, is that awful Dred Scott v. Sandford decision by the SCOTUS in the year 1857. This is the Republican reaction to the decision, this is the Democrat reaction.

Okay, so you do not see a cooralation between the Dred Scott decision and guns? Understandable. That is why I have included this information. To advance this train of historical facts, I have come across this site: The Racist Origins of US Gun Control, by Steve Ekwall. (Hat tip: This article has dates, places, reasonings, and some court titles. It is about the reasoning coming out of the Dred Scott decision. Since slaves or free black men cannot be citizens, they are not entitled to the same rights as citizens under the constitution and the bill of rights. The Bill of Rights, you say? Yes, the Second Amendment!

Because they were declared non-citizens, they were not entitled to own guns. I can only imagine how many precious, beautiful people would have been spared from those racist KKK (Byrd) types if they had only had the opportunity to defend themselves...please. Read up on your history. Gun control is one of the ways they had to force you into 'slavery' for the government. Free yourelves, men and women. Once and for all. May God bless your every peaceful effort.

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