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Friday, February 15, 2008

Videos from Berkeley

Thanks to Leaning Straight Up, I have some links to share with you from the city council, the mayor, and some of the good people who were/are involved in this debacle at Berkeley. It took him hours to put this together, and there should be more to come. Here we go:

There is a wonderful address by Debbie Lee. Then, Rep Houston explains the reality of the Soloman act. If you watch closely, Council Member Maio (who is standing near the mayor who is in the middle) is waving to code pinko to be quiet. Funny thing is, she is the one who alerted them to show up and fill up those seats as I reported earlier.

These are the people who started this outrage: Mayor Bates, Councilperson Woniak. Well spoken voice of reason...and ignored. Councilperson Worthington (twice). Councilperson Capitelli. Councilperson Spring. Councilperson Anderson. Councilperson Olds. Councilperson Moore. Councilwoman Maio.
They are all here on YouTube.

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