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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blogs4Borders Video Blogburst: 3.18.08

Today's video is now available. I recommend that you go to Freedom Folks to read the rest of the story.

We welcome submissions so if you see a story you think would be appropriate to the show please let us know or grab a camera and stick it in some peoples faces for us, it's fun try it!

If you like the show and would like to help us spread the word here are some other things you can do to help us.

Click through to Youtube and rate it and make it a favorite. Leaving a comment can also help it garner attention as that is one of the Youtube rankings in it's "most talked about" section.

Forward it to any of your email lists that you think would appreciate it.

Embed or link the show on any forums you are a part of.

If you know or have contacts with any legacy (MSM) media folks MJ or I (Jake) are available for interviews. By way of example MJ will be on the Frosty Wooldridge show this upcoming Tuesday at 6 Mountain time.

Create a video response on Youtube and link it over, again this can help the show appear on the front page.

I'm sure there are many things I'm not thinking of, if you have any ideas for ways we might spread the word please let me know. I know that Dr. Bill is putting together a Facebook group for the BFBVB, if there's anything else like that we can do, or you want to give Bill a hand let me know.

As always, thank you for your support!
MJ & Jake

All the best,

Freedom Folks
Blogs For Borders: The Future Of Illegal Immigration News!
Today I am having an open post trackback, and you are welcome to trackback or ping an article you wish to share with others. I like to use Linkfest for this, because there are many people with good posts already up over there. It is also a good way to share your articles. Give it a go, eh? The only rule I have is that there shall be no porn. Thanks, and have a great day.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

Posts that have trackbacked to this post:
1. Planck's Constant: Running with Scissors in Islam.
2. The Virtuous Republic: Obama’s Race Speech.
3. Right Truth: Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb: Update.
4. Wolf Pangloss: The Speech Obama Didn’t Give.
5. Wolf Pangloss: How can the USA discourage Jihad terrorism?
6. Wolf Pangloss: Vatican talking with Saudis about churches in Arabia.
7. Wolf Pangloss: Saudi 4th Grader marries 5th Grade cousin.
8. Pirate's Cove: Conyers Promises Non Basement Impeachment AFTER Elections.
9. Tilting at Windmill Farms: Score One for Common Sense.
10. Freedom Folks: Blogs 4 Borders! 031708.

Planck's Constant, with a title and an intro like that, I just had to read that! Thank you, Debbie, for the update on AQ. Great points, Wolf Pangloss. You're right, Virtuous Republic. That is one long post! It is a good one, however. ;)

Wolf Pangloss, where do you find these horrific articles? Oh my! Little children marrying, the Pope not understanding that there will NEVER be any Churches allowed in Saudi Arabia (until we convert everyone to Christianity), and the solution to the question about solving jihad is exactly that, convert them to Christianity. ;)

Pirate's Cove, tell me it isn't so! Another waste of taxpayer dollars. Sheesh. Hi there, Tilting at Windmill Farms. How are you doing? I'll always take common sense. Just answer me one question, please. If it is so common, why is it so rare? lol. Wow! Freedom Folks, how are you? It is an honor to have you stop by. Thank you for the updates and all the hard work you do. Have a great day. Digg! Digg!

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