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Monday, March 17, 2008

National Heroes Tour Update

Blackfive, Uncle Jimbo, Jonn, the Troops, Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up, and many others have taken videos of the events that transpired Friday when the National Heroes Tour started their three week tour. They also kept an eye on those weasely 'people' who held the 'Winter Soldier II' this weekend. Below are some links to their videos.

First I have Uncle Jimbo's Skydivers (Navy SEALs) onto the USS Midway. He also has the introduction to Marcus Luttrell, author of Lone Survivor. Oops. Had the intro. I'll check into that to see if I can get it for us. This post is at Blackfive's site.

Uncle Jimbo has written another post about the American Hitmen. This is a band of 5 Marines who were in Fallujah when they decided to create this group. Here is their sound, but I believe a lot of people are checking it out. I can't get the link to work at this moment, but I believe it will work eventually. Also in this post is David Bellavia (author of House to House). He gave what UJ likes to call 'an entertaining' talk which you can see right here. LTC Steve Russell also spoke, and you may see that here.

Uncle Jimbo believes these are great men (as do I), and it has been a privilege to be with them and here their stories about their experiences and why the only answer is victory. So true, my dear friend.

Now for some links from Blackfive. These links are from some livebloggers who covered the 'Winter Soldiers II' for us so we didn't have to soil our brains. There are many links, so here goes.

Live Blogging Winter Soldier II (Part 1).
Live Blogging Winter Soldier II (Part II).
Live Blogging Winter Soldier II (Part III).
Live Blogging Winter Soldier II (Part IV).
After Action Report.
Eagles Up and GOE at Winter Soldiers II.

These include This Ain't Hell, but you can see it from here, Marooned in Marin, Eagles Up and Gathering of Eagles and a few hundred troop supporters. Hooah! The first one is Rally For The Troops, and the second one is March for the Troops.

Remember to check with Vets For Freedom to see if the National Heroes Tour is in a town near you! I would also like to thank everyone who showed up in Washington DC to make sure that no one gets away with smearing our brave men and women. Unfortunately, there are some that are either not so brave or confused. I've heard some of the tripe. If it is true, they themselves have taken part in war crimes, and I want them prosecuted! That's all for right now. I'll have more later. ;)

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