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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Help Kat help our troops

Dear Kat is having time of it trying to collect 5000 cards to send to our troops. Okay, I may not be able to type, but I have her permission to use her email. You've helped us before to help the troops. Please help us to send a note of appreciation this 4th of July. They've earned it.
Good morning, everyone! Just wanted to drop you a note to update you on the status of our Operation Love From Home 2008 4th of July card drive for the troops. Sadly, we are still far, far short of our 5,000-card goal...we have in our possession slightly less than 1,500 cards. We've extended the deadline until JUNE 14, 2008. Please do all you can to help get the word out, and send in a card or two! Every single card/letter helps tremendously, and truly makes a very real difference! An empty P.O. Box means less 4th of July Thank You cards & letters going to our troops.

In other news, please check our our website (! We've made some new additions as we fine-tune our site:
Send an "e-card" to the troops...fill out our online form with your message to the troops; we will insert your messages into a "Thank you!" card and ship them over!

Check our our "Quotes" and "More Quotes" links, to see what the soldiers - and others - have to say about the importance of receiving mail from home!

New blog entries on the front page.

New Pictures in Photo Album from last week's card-signing memorial day service at my church, where we collected an additional 226 cards in one day! ;)
On Saturday, we are having our First Annual Bake Sale & Card Signing Extravaganza at American Legion Post 233 on Highway 78 in Loganville, Georgia. Feel free to come by if you are in the area! We'll have a TON of super-delicious baked goods, cake walks every hour, face painting & a bounce house for the kids, hotdogs & chips, popcorn, cotton candy, "Support Our Troops" bracelets & car magnets for sale, bunches of military-related freebies (first come, first served!) and, of course, lots cards to sign for the troops!

Next week, I am excited to announce that I will be taping a brief interview with the morning show of a major Atlanta Christian radio station, 104.7 The Fish (! I am not sure yet when it will air, but will let you as soon as I know... you can listen online via their website. Keep your fingers crossed -- this could be a HUGE help in terms of getting folks actively involved in supporting our troops!!! There will be a lot of activity in the coming months as we grow and expand our mission of sending our heroes "Love from home!"

Thanks everyone, for all you do for our soldiers. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Yes, you are the best helpers I've known. I do appreciate so very much everything you do for our troops. Have a nice day, and God bless you.

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