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Thursday, May 29, 2008

time out

i cannot type very well, because i now have something wrong with my right hand. if you could, would you please give my readers something really good to read? Debbie, how about that 8th chapter (unless you've already written the 9th chapter, of course). Angel, whatever you write is awesome. Carl, you too! ;)

i really appreciate it. i am fine. i just cannot use my right hand. this sucks! lol don't worry. it will take more than a little paralysis to shut me up! ;) thanks

ps. i appreciate all of you. if you do not find your name mentioned, it is only 'cause i am not writing anymore than i have to.

Update: I have some news for you. Some of it is good, some of it is a little bad. The good news first. I am NOT having another stroke! The bad news. I do have wrist-drop in my right hand. This means I am going to have to rest my hand which is hard for me to do since I LOVE blogging! I know what I have to do, though, and I will attempt to do it. Thank you all for your concerns and prayers. You will never know how much they are appreciated. Hugs and kisses! Have a great day.

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